A week-long Forum for artistic endeavor and historical discovery in the magical land of Languedoc, based in the a beautiful 18th century mill near Cordes-sur-ciel

For 2021, please visit the web site of the Moulin for updates. 

Tuition: 460 Euros includes meals at the Mill for the week. Accommodations extra. Please visit the Mill website for more info and a Booking Form (https://www.moulindecajarc.com/)

cordes de sentier p I.jpg
IMG_0001 (2).JPG

Photo courtesy of Pierre Blanc

This is an artistic adventure for people of all skill levels, and participants will return home with a graphic record of that adventure. We will spend each day in the field drawing and/or painting, and in the evening gather in the convivial atmosphere of the old mill for meals and exchange. All media are encouraged, including digital media (ipads are a great way to record your travels!) Catherine will offer mini-workshops tailored to your skills and brief lectures on the history of the area and our drawing subjects. Cordes-sur-ciel is a medieval hilltown with a history intimately linked to the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade, located about forty miles north of Toulouse. The medieval mansions of Cordes and their sculptures are unique in southern France.

Further information about the full accommodations of the Mill are available at: https://www.moulindecajarc.com/

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Your Forum Leader is Catherine Barrett, American Institute of Architects Emerita. She holds a Ph.D. in Medieval Art and Architecture, has published on the history of Cordes and of Languedoc,  and has taught many courses in Architectural Sketching at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA. She now lives in Les Cabannes within walking distance of the Moulin de Cajarc.

Below is a little gallery of images from the area that I have drawn or painted over the years. 

Albi cathedral.jpg

The brick cathedral in Albi, begun in 1282 and built to defy the Cathars

Fauconnier dragon.jpg

One of a pair of facing hybrids on the Maison du Grand Fauconnier, Cordes